I have been using Google AdSense to monetize my blogs and websites for as long as I remember. In fact it was the first method I ever tried (I made a whooping $15 on my first month… back in 2005). Over the years I migrated to other methods (e.g., direct sponsors and affiliate marketing), which made AdSense become merely an inventory filler. I was still making around $1,000 monthly from it, but whenever I could I would use other methods over it.

Then some months ago I started noticing an upward trend on the CPC of my sites, and I figured that I should give AdSense another try. I started applying some tricks here and there, and the next month I made over $3,000 with it (that is combining all my sites). I was pleasantly surprised, and I decided to keep using it actively on some sites.

In this article I want to share with you the tips and tricks I used to triple my AdSense earnings in one month.

1. I added units to my Big Websites

Daily Blog Tips and Daily Writing Tips are my largest websites in terms of traffic. They are getting close to one million monthly page views (combined). Despite that I was not using AdSense on them, mainly because the direct sponsorship model was working relatively well.

Some months ago I decided to load some AdSense units on the sites, however, and the results were very positive. Around 70% of the boost I generated to my earnings came from these two sites. At the same time I managed to keep the other monetization methods working fine, and no reader ever complained about the new ads (more on that later).

Even if your blog is already making money with direct sponsors and affiliate marketing, therefore, you could still manage to increment your earnings by strategically adding some AdSense units.

2. I added units to my Small Websites

As many webmasters do, I have a bunch of small websites scattered around the web. Some are on free hosted platforms like Blogger, and others are self hosted sites that I abandoned along the way. Most of these sites still get traffic, however. Not much, but combined the numbers get decent.

I figured that adding AdSense units to all these sites could yield some money, and I was right. The main reason is that, since these are abandoned sites and don’t have loyal visitors, I can place the units very aggressively. The result was a very high CTR (Click-through rate), which compensates the small traffic levels.

Don’t underestimate the earning potential of small websites, especially if you are willing to place AdSense units aggressively.

3. I used the Large Units

If you want to make money with AdSense you’ll inevitably need to use one of these units: the 336×280 large rectangle, the 300×250 rectangle, the 120×600 large skyscraper or the 728×90 leaderboard.

Whenever I tried to use smaller units the results were disappointing. Even if I positioned them aggressively the CTR was just too low.

All four units mentioned above can produce good results, but the best performing one is by far the 336×280 large rectangle, and that is the one I used to boost my earnings.

4. I placed the Units above the Fold

My first trial was to place the 336×280 large rectangle between the post and the comments section of my blogs. The results were OK. I then decided to try placing them below the post titles for one week, and the CTR skyrocketed. In fact I still need to find a placement/unit combination that will beat placing a 336×280 unit below post titles.

I knew this rule, but I guess I needed to test and get confirmation. The rule is: if you want to make money with Google AdSense, you must place your units above the fold.

5. I Focused on Organic Traffic

My main concern with adding a large AdSense unit right below my post titles was that some of the loyal readers could get annoyed with it. At the same time I knew that loyal readers become ad blind quite fast, and that the bulk of my money would come from organic visitors (i.e., people coming via search engines to my posts).

To solve this problem I decided to display the large rectangle only on posts older than seven days (using the Why Do Work WordPress plugin). It worked like a charm, as loyal readers don’t even notice the ad units when they are browsing through my recent posts, and organic visitors almost always see the ads because they usually land on posts older than seven days.

6. I started using AdSense for Search

I was not sure how much money I would be able to make with AdSense for Search, but I was not happy with the search results provided by WordPress, so I decided to give it a shot anyway.

Currently I am making around $60 monthly with AdSense for Search. It is not much, but if you sum it over one year we are talking about $720. On top of that the search results are as relevant as you’ll get, so it is a win win situation.

7. I started using AdSense for Feeds

Another AdSense product I decided to try was the AdSense for Feeds one. I opted to display the ads below my feed items (you can also place them on top, but this would be too intrusive in my opinion). The results here were pretty good, both in terms of CTR and earnings.

You obviously need a large RSS subscriber base to make this work, but I am guessing that even with a couple thousand subscribers you could already make $100 monthly from feed ads.

8. I played around with section targeting

Section targeting is an AdSense feature that allows you to suggest specific sections of your site that should be used when matching ads. You can read more about it here.

I found that on niche and small websites section targeting can help a lot. Often times Google was displaying unrelated ads on these sites because there weren’t enough pages. After using section targeting I managed to increase the relevancy of the ads and consequently the CTRs.

9. I tested with Different Colors and Fonts

If you enabled both image and text ads on your units you should be able to customize the colors and fonts. I did some testing with both of these factors, and it helped to increase the numbers. Nothing dramatic, but it was definitely worth my time.

You just need to track your CTR for a couple of weeks. Then change the color or font and track it for another week, seeing if you can beat the original CTR. If you can, keep the new format. If you the performance decreased, try a new color or font and track the CTR for another week, until you find the optimal combination.

On my sites the best results came from making the ad units merge with the look of the site, but on some sites contrasting colors perform better, so testing is a must.

Quite a few people look to Adsense as their full-time career when compared to level of usage done by Adsense account holders. People who register into this world of advertising through Adsense are many in number. But, most of them do it as a piece of part-time work or a hobby in posting their interests on blogs or web pages. They may earn few pounds and this may not continue for long. Instead, if you try to map the footprints of a web master minting money you will come to know it is not so simple to earn thousands of pounds daily.

It’s highly unrealistic when you expect huge returns from Adsense account with low investment of time and money and energy. How does the earning begin on Adsense? Adsense allows a web masters to earn a portion of their earning in form of Adverts put on their web pages. The adverts may be even banner adverts. But one thing is certain, if you want adverts on a web page, then site must have countless number of hits per day. In order to improve the performance of the page, web masters should always remember to seek SEO services and that too from a top SEO company. A company engages in making site more popular and widely read online.

Who do make earnings most? Informative websites about well being, net hosting and insurance coverage will generate much better earnings per click than entertainment sites about games, music and celebrities.

Who can attract good adverts to pages? Page make-up creates a good sense when web masters develop pages with top quality, subject material on distinction and acceptance of good looking Adsense adverts on pages. This can generate good amount of revenue.

Click through revenue is a critical figure. This involves the percentage of site visitors or page impressions who generate a click on an advert. Earning per click on Adverts is always a tough task to determine, but increasing visitors to page and improving CTR figures is a direct way of growing profits.

A visitor who skims through your page may incidentally click an advent and Adsense commercials will pay web master according to contract signed in with Google. A part of web master generated revenue will be cut from revenue per click. Revenue for any web master depend on place of operation and it begins from .01 onwards and it also depends on the genre of site and location of visitor. If visitors are located in the US, Canada and Australia web masters will be able to make more money when compared to visitors located in Asia.

How well is Adsense programmed? It’s very tough for Adsense account holders to participate in fraudulent activities, Google is alert in identifying click frauds and it also warns web masters not to click on adverts placed on their pages. Google has the authority and does spam the fraudulent account holder. In addition to this, you will not be allowed for receiving payments on such clicks. But, such fraudulent activities can create a hinder to the businesses of web masters who devote full time to make livelihood. However, Adsense is highly respected program and web masters get their payments on time. Adsense is a properly respected program and payments are usually created on time.

The Internet has evolved beyond our expectations especially during the past decade and now there is nothing in our lives that is not impacted by it. However according to the experts, it is just the beginning. Internet has already surpassed other mediums of information and communication and influences almost every activity of human life, and it is likely to delve even deeper in future.

People normally were using the Internet for search, information, mail, socializing and limited commercial purposes until recently, but now Internet offers you newspaper reading, digital library experience, live TV, virtual gaming with international players, radio, distance learning and many other things. Soon, you would not need to visit a doctor, as it would be possible for you to contact a doctor on the Internet, send him all your preliminary reports online and seek consultation.

Toronto Online Marketing Companies can design a marketing plan for you to attract millions of people on the Internet, who can be your customers. This is the best means of marketing nowadays, as the relevance of Newspaper ads is fading largely due to the fact that very few people actually have the time to read a newspaper. Newspaper ads are very expensive and have no personal touch. You cannot interact with newspaper ads. You cannot read reviews on newspaper. There is no way that you can know more about newspaper and TV adverts.

The Internet has made a giant leap in terms of the way we deal with information. Furthermore everybody is connected with Internet nowadays that too 24*7, through their mobile phones and office PCs. Online marketing companies know that investing on Internet ads is worth every penny and they can derive more business to you than traditional ads if done in a proper way. Experts at Internet marketing companies know that "certain" way. They know where to float your ads to get maximum attention.

How to market your services on the blog sites, which are read by millions on the planet? The surprising element is that you get a faster response in terms of queries and interest. I have tried this, a lot of times. I have implemented a certain strategy and placed something on the Internet and the response was huge. Within two or three days I was able to receive enough response that served my purpose. It is applicable to your business as well.

An Internet marketing company knows pretty well, what you have to do within existing means to source your business needs. It is not that you should have a minimum budget of some sort to start your Internet marketing campaign. You can start with investing whatever you have allocated for your marketing requirements. Sooner you will start getting responses.

An Internet marketing company in Toronto can also do some kind of social marketing for you as well. As we all know that to have a fan following and "known" group of people is the surest way of producing new money. It can come in the form of unique services that can be offered or you can also offer your "advise" and earn money from the service provider.
Google AdSense has been hailed as the easiest way for anyone to make money off their website. This is because all it involves is setting up a website that has valuable information to offer to the public and then applying to Google for an AdSense account.

Even though whilst creating revenue is the main motive that people utilize AdSense, it's not the only reason. Some use AdSense as a means of making their website more significant to web page visitors. Anyone who displays an AdSense ad is considered a publisher, whereas anyone who purchases the adverts which are displayed through AdSense is called an advertiser.

Once you've started to build up an income, then you can start to experiment with placing and colour of your ads. If you can improve your click through rate (CTR) on your ads, then you can make more money from the same level of traffic.

So you've spent a lot of time putting up intelligent and useful content on a beautifully designed site…shame that you've got to tarnish such wondrous aesthetics with Adsense. But guess what…you don't have to! You can easily blend your ads in to compliment the overall layout of your site. First thing Get rid of that border delineating your ads. Next, make your Adsense text the same colour as that of the rest of your site. People are more likely to click on it thinking it's part of that useful content on your site.

A large number of people tend to simply use templates to create their websites. While this is not a problem in itself, most people tend to use single page templates so that the numbers of design elements are limited as well as their content input. However, experts know that this is not the best technique.

Single page website does not allow you to build separate themes based on high traffic keywords. This also means that you will not have highly targeted ads on your website. This drastically reduces the chances of you getting a high CTR for ads on your website. AdSense tips provided by experts will encourage you to have at least 15 different pages for website, each with a distinct theme of its own.

Adsense is a numbers game…

The more websites you have, the more money you make. All those little amounts combine into one big monthly check. But how do you go about building multiple sites? Well, one thing you can do is buy those Adsense website templates you see all over the internet.

Instead of putting all your time into one website, why not put a small amount of time into many websites and start building a Virtual Real Estate Empire. Now each website might only earn between $0.10 and $0.50 per day, but if you had 10 websites, you'd be getting $1 - $5 per day. With a 100 sites, you'd get $10 - $50 per day.

This is somewhere it can really pay to listen to the experts, just one eBook that I downloaded more than tripled the income from my own sites. Also, read up as much free information as you can, sign up for courses from the experts and try out new ideas. If you can get your CTR into double figures you'll be doing OK, although rumour has it that some of the experts have really high click through's.
AConceptually, the entire process or route of making bucks through Google Adsense depends on three major factors – the volume of traffic that your site draws, number of visitors clicking on your ads and money you receives at every generated click. While drafting your ad, the most important factor you need to figure out is exclusiveness. It is very essential to create your Google Adsense ads as different as possible from your website. In order to form an image of a decent, worthy blog, you must have a good amount of quality content that ensure a positive effect on traffic. Some of the very essential components of coeval blog sites are opt-in box, auto responder set up on the back end, RSS feeds, daily new and fresh content, Adsense towers, membership capabilities, picture galleries and a whole host of other tricks and tactics. Also, display You Tube videos that are related to the subject matter. However, when it comes to making huge bucks, the most reliable ways coming from Adsense are distributing articles through Zine and Press Releases. Another workable method used to increase adsense revenue is raising the number of targeted visitors that visit your adsense-content page.

Moreover, as far as the basic, workable techniques of exploding your Adsense revenues are concerned, try to check out two basic sources googleincomemachine.com and Googledecoded.com. These sources flash tested and scientifically proved techniques that let you understand and execute the fundamentals of Google Adsense. However, it is natural that people Earning good through Adsense generally don't like to disclose their earnings as they are scared of getting terminated by the program and also, any discussion over average EPC/CTR/CPM is a waste of time. With Adsense, clicking on your own ads is senseless and hence, to maximize your potential with it, you must ensure to make your site content available to content crawler.

Some of the other required, common components of Google Adsense codes are a software to forfeit a fully-fledged website, packages of ready-written Private Label Rights articles, membership sites for PLR packages on any topic ranking high in keyword analyses, or ready-made content-rich sites. In addition to this, it is also mandatory to keep updating your website for better raise in Google Adsense Profits. Moreover, all those people who think affiliate marketing is a great deal of work, time and efforts, also find it better to deal with Adsense ads on a page as it comparatively far easier. Your page should be designed as a source offering some additional subject matter information and must feature Adsense ads. Although it is true that Adsense stats usually get updated after every 2 hours, but you need not worry even if you do not encounter any change in your stats for over 12 hours. In fact, the procedure should be executed and evaluated very carefully and patiently to produce maximum value from every eventual Adsense click.
How can a company like Automattic make money if they are giving away all their products (including WordPress) for free? Someone asked this question to WordPress founder Matt at WordCamp India and he surprised, at least some of us, by saying that Automattic is profitable.
Here's how WordPress makes money according to the creator himself:
  • Blog Hosting - WordPress offers blog hosting services at $500 per month to big publishers like Om Malik, All Things D and CNN's Political Ticker among others. They use WordPress.com's server infrastructure to host your blog and therefore the performance will obviously be great but unlike other web hosting services, WordPress VIP Hosting doesn't accept everyone who applies so good luck.
  • Google AdSense - Free blogs hosted on WordPress.com may sometimes carry Google ads but these ads may only appear if all the following three conditions are met:
  • 1. The visitor is not using Firefox browser.
    2. He has logged out of his WordPress account, if he has one.
    3. The referring source is not a WordPress powered blog. So a person reaching abc.wordpress.com from xyz.wordpress.com won't see any Google Ads.
    Even with all these conditions, the revenue generated from serving Google AdSense ads on WordPress.com hosted blog may still be significant as do around a billion page views per month.
  • Automattic Kismet - You don't see Viagra spam in your blog posts because it all gets filtered automatically by Automattic Kismet (Akismet for short), the excellent spam protection plug-in available for WordPress.Now Akismet spam catching technology is free for personal blogs but if you maintain a corporate blog or run a network of blogs, you are required to buy a commercial license of Akismet that starts at around $50 per month.What may surprise you is that professional bloggers, or anyone who is making more than $500 per month in advertising revenue from a WordPress blog, also needs to pay a $5 per month fee for the Akismet license.
  • Premium Accounts - While anyone can host a blog on WordPress.com for free, they charge you a fee if you want to buy additional storage space for your multimedia files or want to use a custom web domain instead of the default wordpress.com sub-domain. These are premium features.There's also (unconfirmed) talk that WordPress may soon allow users to add AdSense in their free blogs for a subscription fee.
  • Web Host Referrals - WordPress.org suggests of list of third-party web hosting companies where you may self-host your WordPress blog(s) for a fee. Now all these are referral links so Automattic gets a commission per sale.In fact, this hosting referral system may be extremely profitable for Automattic because if you search for "WordPress Hosting" on Google (a very competitive keyword phrase), the first sponsored link on the Google results page is paid by WordPress itself and it says - "Top 5 WordPress Web Hosts - Chosen by the developers of the WordPress blogging software".
  • WordPress Support - If you need help with WordPress (or WordPress MU) but the free support forums aren't solving the purpose, consider subscribing to the Support Network of Automattic.  The WordPress development team will help you solve problems related to your WordPress system and the response time can be as low as 6 hours. This service is primarily for Enterprise users who are willing to shell out a $2.5-5k per year for support.
  • Poll Daddy - I am not sure if Matt discussed this but Automattic also provides a paid version of Poll Daddy where you can have unlimited number of questions per survey and there's no Poll Daddy branding in your polls or surveys.
External Optimization deals with the points you should remember while promoting your website over web, the external world. This part of optimization not only influences the ranking, but also influences the relevancy of ads. This part of optimization takes time, and your control over it is limited sometimes.

Anchor TextKeywords in anchor text enhance the relevance of the target page with regard to the keywords used. Every page of your website should be made relevant through optimized anchor text containing important keywords, matching the theme of the website.

Try to make link partners link to you with the anchor text you specify (but please don’t force them). The inclusion of important keywords in the anchor text can make a big difference in the final ranking as well as the relevance of ads on your website. All the important search engines give due importance to the anchor text (both on your website as well as on the external websites linking to your pages).

Also, it’s a good idea to keep changing your Anchor text while the link development campaigns. Varied options of title and description make search engines give your website wider coverage. Again, you can choose the keywords to be used in the anchor text according to your choice (Traffic or payouts).

It is important to understand that as your Page Rank (PR) and resultant traffic increases, Google may increase your payouts. However, if you are getting highly untargeted traffic (or fraud traffic), your payouts automatically decrease with a period of time. This is because of the phenomenon called SMART PRICING. That is why Anchor Text is so important.
Getting Back LinksThe number of incoming links to your website may not have direct impact over your Adsense ads relevancy. However, the anchor text with which your link partners are linking not only gets you direct traffic, but also promotes your website to certain segments of traffic surfing on search engines.

When you target wrong keywords, it attracts wrong segments of traffic. This decreases your CTR as well as the earnings you could have had from that traffic. You can say, it affects the relevancy of your ads. When the ads that Google broadcasts are not relevant to your traffic, the results are damp.
PromotionTo get the most relevant ads, it is important that the links that you are getting from other websites should have proper anchor text. Your article gets prominence on the search engine because of the relevant keyword used as anchor text. Even the links on your own pages should have relevant anchor text. This will help you get more target traffic and resultant higher revenue.

Other ways to promote your website include getting inward links from free or paid sources, and exchanging links from authority or important websites having good search engine ranking. Links placed at the top of the page get more importance, so try for that. There are many more things you can do to promote your website and earn more Adsense money.
Many people with existing websites or blogs have added Google Adsense ads to help earn a little extra money. Unfortunately, many more people are disappointed when they realize just how little money they are earning. To increase your Google Adsense revenue try following these tips.

  1. The first thing you need to do to increase your Google Adsense revenue is pick a good niche. Google Adsense is a pay per click advertising system, which means the only way to earn adsense revenue, is by having people click on the ads that are on your website or blog. The only way to have people click on your ads is if you have a site that people are visiting frequently.
  2. Open a Google account and do a search on Google Adwords to see what keywords and topics are the most searched. Then do a Google search on that keyword to see what websites come up. If there are thousands of links to good quality websites, there's obviously no longer a need for more. If however, your keyword search results in only a few websites, you may have found your niche.
  3. Increase your chances of getting high paying ads. Visit Google Adwords to see what people are paying per click. If a certain keyword is garnering over $5.00 per click, try to use that keyword on your website as often as possible (without sacrificing the quality of your writing).
  4. Increase traffic to your website. As discussed earlier, the only way to make Google Adsense revenue is by having people click on a Google ad. This stands to reason that a Google ad has a better chance of being clicked if your website has many visitors. We've already discussed picking a profitable niche to increase traffic but there are other ways as well. First, write useful and quality content. If you are not providing good information for others there's not much cause for them to visit your website. You can also link to other blogs or websites and, as a courtesy, they will often provide a link back to yours. Another idea is to find forums in which your website topic is discussed and leave comments. After signing your comment, you can often leave a link back to your website or blog. Social networks such as Twitter will also allow you to promote your blog or website.
  5. You should also cosult the Google Adsense tutorial as it offers many has tips for increasing your Google Adsense revenue.

They are 3 main way to boost our adsense earning. With this way so many people has been proof and get more satisfied with their adsense earning. This is the 3 main way how to boost our adsense earning :
  1.  Ensure that our website focuses on 1 topic of discussion with the niche, each page contains 1 item to show that words are the adsense ads, according to our topic of discussion and greater value
  2.  Free to do some blogs to support their main website. means you can create multiple blogs and blog visitors to change their main website to enhance the visitor clicks on your growth. Click more more money.
  3. How for an ad is the key to success. Right ad format, ad to fit our site, make a page look better, both in ads in excess of the visitors and very few ads that do not click on the visitors as they can not see.
Do that way with consistent and you will wonder how this can be happened, how your adsense earning can increase so fast. That’s the way you do.
We all have opinions about something whether its products we use or the movies we watch. Now here’s a thought for you: why not get paid for it? This is where legitimate free survey sites come in. These sites will let you have access to paid surveys.

With a little research, you can find one survey site that would work for you best. Survey Spot is one of the free survey sites that can help you start in the paid survey industry. It’s easy to join plus earning money is fast and easy.

Survey Spot is one effective tool for market research. Companies can greatly benefit from its methodology. Its consumer feedback research can yield significant data for the companies and help them improve their products and services.

Survey Spot is offers its members various ways rewards, from cash incentives to prizes, by participating in different surveys that deal with a wide selection of topics. By simply providing your opinion on various topics such as environment, social, and political issues; to advertising, fashion, product packaging, and entertainment, you can earn the extra bucks. It’s fast and easy. No need to research and compose articles or other time-consuming tasks.

It’s easy to become a member. Once you have filled up the application form and get approved, you can now start answering surveys. You stand to earn freebies, gift cards, cash and other prizes. You don’t have to pay anything to become a member and your access will be provided as soon as you become registered.

This is the most convenient online job. It doesn’t even feel like a job. It’s just like asnwering a friend’s question about certain things. You don’t have to search hard for the answers because you just have to provide your opinion, and they don’t even have to be positive. You can be completely honest. The best thing about this job is that you are at home so whether you are a stay-at-home mom or a student, or just prefer working at home, this is perfect for you.

It will take about 4 to 6 weeks for the money to be credited to your account. It will be processed as soon as you completed and submitted a survey. You can also enter their sweepstakes draws in exchange for a few minutes of work.

With Survey Spot, even residents outside the United States can register and enjoy the benefits of online surveys. One way of ensuring you get as many survey questionnaires is to make your profile as detailed as possible. Be specific with your preferences because these will be the basis for the type of questions to be sent to you. The more survey requests you get, the more money and rewards you will earn.
USA Adsense.