Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is both an art and science to promote one’s website to obtain higher rankings on all the major search engines in order to achieve good number of visitors and stand a chance to convert ‘n’ number of visitors into prospective customers. If you own a small business and have a website or plan to launch a basic business website in order to get more visibility, it is imperative to consider SEO for your new website so that it could be found by your prospective buyers. If you have little time daily to invest for your website’s SEO then you could do it yourself. You can follow these simple steps mentioned here below prior to launching your own website.

It is important that you select the right keywords or keyword phrases for your website’s URL or say domain name. That is to say, you must select the keyword or phrase that suits your business or profession for your website’s domain name. For example, if you have a furniture business, you must have the keyword furniture somewhere in your domain. We can take second example, say your business is plumbing and fitting services provider, then you must have the keyword ‘plumbing’ or ‘plumbing services’ some where in your domain name.

Once you have selected the right keyword or phrase for your domain name, and have registered that domain name, second important thing is to create gowords is also an important task.
For this, first you have to analyze which keywords are searched most per day while at the same time keep in mind your target audience for whom you want to build the website. There are various free keyword research tools available online. One such example is the wordtracker[dot]com. Once you have selected the proper keywords, then you can start writing the content for your website. Remember to use your selected keywords inside the content in a fitting way. That is to say, it should not look like keywords are filled in unnecessarily. Always remember that content should read well with humans and thus keywords should be used only wherever necessary and should be grammatically correct and most importantly easily readable material for anyone with less education. Once you are ready with your content you should look for good web host to make your website live. It is advisable to host your website once you are ready with your content so that when the search engines finds you the first time with proper content, it will properly index your website and you have a good chance of getting good search engine placement for your selected keywords with content worthy pages. Once your website is live, still you can do little bit of On-Page SEO as required. For example, you can modify your website’s content with the development in the technology in regard to your changing business needs quarterly, half yearly or as required. Content modification is considered as a good sign in the eyes of search engines.

Second most important aspect of SEO is Off-Page SEO. This is important because sometimes you do not get good search engine placement simply by making your website live due to the increased competition prevailing in the market. There are various link building techniques or methods by which your website can gain good rankings on all the major search engines. The best link building techniques are getting one way quality back links to your website from other websites. This can be achieved by various Off-Page SEO activities. You can submit your website to good directories. You can write quality articles and submit your article to the article directories. You can submit your website to the social book marking sites. You can submit your website to good classifieds directories. You can write article and post it to different blog websites. You can write quality readable article and post it to press releases – This is known as Press release distribution. Press release distribution must be written in a way exactly as we find the literature in our daily newspapers. The only thing is that you need to write press release article keeping in view your core business and target audience. Off course all articles written whether it is for article directories or blog directories or for press release distribution, all content should be related to the business for which you have created the website. Also, remember to check prior to each submission process that the particular website or directory wherein you are going to submit your website is frequently crawled by Google.

These are various link building techniques by which you can obtain quality one way back links which will promote your website to higher rankings on all the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Also, you can make use of link exchange technique which will be a two way linking process. Here you need to be very careful while linking your website to the other website. You need to check if the other website has good content and is a proper website all respect and importantly the other website should be relevant to your business website in some way else there is no point in linking to such website. Remember, all these Off-Page SEO activities should be done simultaneously to promote your website. Daily some SEO work must be done for your website. Also, do not submit to hundreds of sites or directories in a single day – this will cause harm to your website then good. That is to say, daily forty to fifty good submissions must be done as part of your Off Page SEO. To attain higher rankings on all the major search engines for the selected keywords is a slow and steady process. Moreover, always submit manually to all sites. Never use automatic software for your SEO submission work; this will not do any good to your website instead it is harmful to use such techniques.

In this way, you can promote your website using both On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO techniques. Once your website receives good ranking on all the major search engines, do not stop your Off-Page SEO activities. You should continuously work for your website each week so that your competitor will not overcome your ranking. Yes, you will require lesser effort and time to do the maintenance work as part of the Off-Page SEO once your website receives good ranking. If you do nothave the time to promote your website, you can also find good SEO expert or consultant who will work on your website on your behalf.

SEO Content Control helps to identify and clean up various sorts of weak content, in order to improve a site’s quality and to rank better.

Even if you care about search engine optimization, your WordPress site will quite likely still have potentials for an even better optimization. One very interesting area is regarding the many archives of WordPress, which are feared by some because of their potential to create internal duplicate content. If a search engine finds the same pieces of content on several pages of a site, many of these pages will be ignored. The basic solution for this is to make your archives as individual as possible. The basic steps to do this are shown in the article Five WordPress tricks for individualized content .

SEO Content Control helps you with this kind of issues. It helps you to keep track, which of your posts have too little content, and shows, where an excerpt or a meta description is missing. You get it all at a glance in a neat summary with red, yellow and green colors.

SEO Content Control will be your tool to get rid of poor pieces of content. Your users will find your blog more attractive, and the search engines as well. Just try it out!

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